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Hire A Space

The Dog Grooming Collective offers a purpose built hire space for fellow groomers


Hello fellow do Groomers/Stylists!


Have you had enough of working for someone else and want to work for yourself?


Do you have an existing clientele and need a space to groom?


Would you like to be in charge of your own bookings, clients and hours?

Giving yourself the flexibility and the ability to make more money working for less hours?


Keen to work alongside other like minded fellow dog groomers?


Or is it simply time to grow or shrink your existing business based on what's going on in your personal life?


All this without having to outlay any expensive set-up costs, get permits or be locked into a long term lease.


Increase your exposure with a shop frontage in a commercial retail inner city strip.


We are a highly regarded, well established Dog Grooming business (have been successful for over 20 years) that are looking for expressions of interest from self-driven groomers/stylists to hire a space in a custom built new establishment.


If any of this sounds appealing to you, please contact us. And let's discuss your interest further and see if we could work together to achieve the work life balance we all deserve.



My name is Nicola and I am the owner of She Walks & She Grooms.

2021 started a new year for my business, and now my partner and I work as a team.

Sam bathes and dries and I do the rest.

The space in which we work provides us with latest industry technology and everything we need. All we do is pay our rent, as if it was our own and provide our own tools & shampoos.

I have a little reception area to greet our clients, and talk through the groom before we start the process. It's a busy working salon, but we are able to choose our own pace, which I love.

Nothing has changed for us, only a pimped up space.

Helen and her team are not only nice, but super professional and friendly.

I love my scheduled days.

Thanks for having us Helen!

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