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Our dog grooming services range from a basic wash to breed specific styles and everything in between.

It is very difficult to give an exact price until we meet your dog and see exactly what their grooming requirements are.

Below is a rough guide of our pricing just to give you an indication:

          * Nail Trim                                           $20 (no booking required)

          * Face Trim                                          $25 (no bath)

          * Hygiene Trim                                    $25 (no bath/Dog Zillion & under paws)      

          * Bath                                                   $55

          * Tidy                                                    $85

          * Groom Out                                         $65 per hour

          * Clip Off                                               $110 (short cut)

          * Breed Specific or Stylized Clip        $120 plus

          * Hand Stripping                                  $150 plus

Our prices vary depending on the length/coat condition, size and dog behavior.

Grooming is via appointment only, but priority will be given to regular customers.

Please remember, regular visits for stylized cuts are essential at 6/8/10 weeks, with regular home brushing/maintenance in between.        

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